North Shore Vodka

Almost every high-end vodka claims to be a "small batch" vodka. How is this possible when you see them on every shelf, in every store in the country and on the shelves of many stores overseas? Small is obviously a relative term. The daily production capacity of most of these "small batch" imports is comparable to our distillery's yearly capacity. Our small batch production is actually that.

But enough about the others. North Shore Vodka is elegant and refined. Made from distilled midwestern grain, our vodka has a smooth, refreshing taste with a pleasant clean finish. Through our proprietary process, and our focus on the quality of each and every batch, our master distiller ensures that our vodka has the individual character and quality required to be enjoyed on its own or in your favorite martini or cocktail.

We proudly share with you this wonderful vodka and truly believe that you will enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoy making it. For some recent reviews and comments on North Shore Vodka, visit our Reviews page.

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North Shore Vodka is 40% Alc/Vol