Silver Lining

An American Kräuter Liqueur

Each year we bring together incredible combinations of ingredients to produce special single-batch spirits. This year's is no exception. It is our delight to introduce our Fall 2012 limited release, Silver Lining. This spirit arrived in stores, bars and restaurants for the first time in late October 2012.

Inspired by our bartender friends, Silver Lining is what you need when things seem to be getting a little out of control, or for when you need a good, strong drink after a tough night. It is our take on a traditional German kräuter (herbal) liqueur. While most kräuters are targeted at college-age consumers, ours is a more sophisticated, delicious version, intended for our adventurous friends and drinking compatriots.

We've infused and distilled the spirit with a wide range of herbs and botanicals. The only two we're sharing are cacao and coffee. In fact, we used some amazing, locally roasted coffee from our friends at Metropolis Coffee Co. in Chicago.

With this limited release, 860 bottles were produced. Each bottle is hand numbered, and once these bottles are sold there will be no more available. As with past limited releases, once it's gone, it's gone.

Enjoying Silver Lining

After a long day or night, or when you're just in the mood, enjoy a shot of Silver Lining – simply shake the bottle, pour, and enjoy.  You can also sip it after a rich meal, add it to your coffee, or mix it into a cocktail. Find a few ideas in our Cocktail Repository.

Finding Silver Lining

It's pretty much all gone, unfortunately. You might find it still on the bar now and again, but sightings are rare! Stay tuned for our next limited release, coming May 2014.

Silver Lining is 42% Alc/Vol