History of Gin Box Set

Explore Gin's Rich and Storied History

We are thrilled to announce the release of our first-ever box set, which was first made available mid-December 2013. This is the first time a single distillery has ever made these four styles of gin, and the first time they've been grouped together in a box set.

Each set contains four 375 ml bottles of different styles of gin throughout history, providing an in-depth, sensory exploration of the evolution of this legendary, iconic spirit.

Only 200 sets have been made, and they are only be available for purchase at the distillery, while supplies last.

The four unique expressions contained in the set include:

Volume I - Genever – truly the grandfather of modern-day gin, this spirit is characterized by rich malt notes and delicate hints of herbs. Made from malted grains, this spirit has been infused and distilled with classical herbs used by the best Dutch producers in the 1700's. This is the first genever we've ever released.

Volume II – Old Tom Gin – often regarded as the bridge between Genever and classical London Dry Gin, this spirit is characterized by hints of sweetness and more delicate herbal notes. This spirit was distilled with juniper berries, along with selected fruits and flowers, and is unlike any other spirit we have made.

Volume III – London Dry Gin – with the development of more advanced distilling technology in the mid 1800's, as well as changing consumer tastes, distillers in England created a more iconic style of gin characterized by a clean, pure base spirit, bright juniper notes, and accenting dry botanicals. Our Distiller's Gin No. 11 fits this mold perfectly.

Volume IV – Modern Dry Gin – in the 21st century, distillers around the country have continued to innovate and evolve the definition of "gin" as a spirit category, incorporating new, fresh botanicals and unique flavor profiles. Our Distiller's Gin No. 6 was designed in this style, with the incorporation of lavender, fresh citrus and other spices.

Custom-Made Wood Box
Each set is housed in a beautiful handmade wood box, which was custom-designed and built by a local woodworking company. The distillery's founders worked closely with the woodworker's team to design a beautiful, reusable box made entirely from locally reclaimed wood. Even the carrying straps are made from repurposed leather belts.
Because of the handmade nature of the boxes, each will have its own personality.

Each box set also include a booklet outlining the history of gin, as expressed in these four styles, along with tasting notes and cocktail ideas.

In this gift set, the Genever is 40% Alc/Vol, Old Tom Gin is 40% Alc/Vol, London Dry Gin is 45% Alc/Vol, and Modern Dry Gin is 45% Alc/Vol