Incredible Single Batch Limited Releases

In Summer 2006, we started a tradition and created a sensation. We began offering limited release spirits. These single batch creations are very special. We take one of our already wonderful spirits and we combine it (usually through an infusion) with other incredible ingredients to add a complete new dimension to the spirit. The ingredients and flavors we choose are by no means ordinary. They have included:

  • Medjool Dates from Israel
  • Black tea from Sri Lanka
  • Rhubarb from Woodstock, IL
  • Alphonso Mangoes from India
  • Elderberries from Illinois and Missouri

We make only one batch of each product, and once they are sold out, they are gone forever.

The flavors and colors in these spirits come solely from the infused ingredients - no flavorings, extracts or sweeteners are ever used.

Here are the past limited releases:

Summer 2006 - Medjool Date Infusion (84 proof)
We ventured into uncharted waters, using a fruit that was neither en vogue nor over-commercialized (which is what attracted us to it). This surprisingly delightful infusion graced the palate with a complexity of date and spice flavors married together to form a symphony of tastes that finished with a delightful sweet note.

Summer 2006 - Ceylon Tea Infusion (90 Proof)
With our passion for gin and for tea, we searched around for a number of months looking for a tea to pair with No. 6. Then we came across a wonderful Ceylon black tea from, of course, Sri Lanka. Full bodied and bold, but not bitter, the tea married exceptionally well with Distiller's Gin No. 6. This incredible spirit was delightful in a variety of cocktails, adding a rich tea note to almost any classic gin cocktail.

Summer 2007 - Rhuginger No. 6 (84 Proof)
We made our way to Red Barn Farm in Woodstock, IL for 150 pounds of fresh rhubarb. How fresh was it? It was harvested at 7am; we picked it up at 8:30am and prepared the entire batch in one day. We infused the rhubarb with our award-winning Distiller's Gin No. 6, and added fresh ginger root for another dimension of flavor. The result was an incredible new gin, the likes of which have never been seen on the market before.

Summer 2008 - Alphonso Mango No. 11 (75 Proof)
We had heard stories about a particular variety of mango from India called the Alphonso mango. Claimed as the king of mangoes for their incredible taste, and superior to all other mangoes, we were quite curious. After experimenting with different combinations of spirits and botanicals, we found that this fruit matched perfectly with our Distiller's Gin No. 11. Each mango was hand peeled, pitted and sliced before being placed in a 155 proof version of the gin. After several weeks, the fruit was then removed and all of the liquid in the fruit was pressed out with a small grape press.

Spring 2009 - Mole Poblano (90 Proof)
Mexican cuisine has always been a favorite of ours. So, when a friend suggested we make something with Latin flair, we knew it was a great idea, and we knew exactly the direction to take. Mole (pronounced MO-lay) is a traditional sauce in Mexico, usually made from a large array of ingredients. Though they are made throughout the country, they vary in flavor from region to region. To create a spirit, we began by selecting seven types of chili peppers. We deveined and deseeded the peppers, and cut them into chunks. Rather than using processed Mexican chocolate, we used whole cacao beans, which we carefully ground. We also added a wide range of herbs and spices to complete the mix. We infused all these ingredients into the spirit, and then distilled the mixture to infuse the flavors more fully into the spirit. We then infused the spirit with additional herbs to get to its final form.

Spring 2010 - CR2 (50 Proof)
As you walk through a liquor store today, you will see a number of "pre-mixed cocktails" in a bottle. Artificially flavored and colored, they almost never taste like a real cocktail would. Granted, you may not want to squeeze the lemons or limes and measure out all of the ingredients to make a cocktail, but you should not have to resort to these modern alternatives. So, we decided to show that you can make a cocktail in the bottle and make it well. For this project, we chose a fantastic old cocktail for inspiration - one that requires ingredients that aren't always on hand, and that when made properly, is a joy to drink. As we were deciding, one of our mixologist friends made a joke about bottling a Corpse Reviver. Little did he know, we were already on that path.

Fall/Winter 2011 - Eldergin (52 Proof)
Inspired by sloe gin liqueur, Eldergin is a perfect blend of our Distiller's Gin No. 11 and fresh elderberries. We used over 250 pounds of fresh elderberries to make our batch of Eldergin. Most of the berries came from a farmer in central Missouri, but we actually picked some of them ourselves as well. Unlike most other berries, elderberries require some cooking before they release their delicious flavor. After our still, Ethel, softly cooked the berries, we pressed them with a wine press to extract the juice. It was then combined it with a specially distilled batch of Distiller's Gin No. 11. The resulting elixer was put away for several weeks to allow all the flavors to meld. We then finished the spirit with a touch of sugar, resulting in a deliciously bright, unique liqueur.

We continued this tradition in 2012 with the introduction of the Silver Lining.


Mole Corpse Reviver