Extraordinary Gins

Art + Science

To make great gin, the distiller combines other botanicals with the mandatory juniper berries to create a perfect aroma and taste. A skilled distiller can take a selection of botanicals and create completely different taste and smell profiles just by varying the proportions and preparation techniques for the botanicals. This is where artistry comes in - finding just the right combination to create a delightful and unique spirit.

We begin by selecting an array of the best botanicals from all over the world, most of which are certified organic or wild harvested. Then, using a unique combination of old world and modern distilling techniques, we infuse the aromatics and tastes of these botanicals through distillation to create amazing gin.

Our flagship gin is Distiller's Gin No. 6 - Modern Dry Gin. No. 6 is smooth and elegant, made in the style of a London dry gin, but with a more complex an intriguing flavor. This well- crafted spirit was just the start of our own personal gin craze. We have also created and released three special infusions with No. 6. These flavored gins take gin to a whole new level.

  • Rhuginger No. 6 - Our 2007 limited release, this spirit had a Distiller's Gin No. 6, infused with fresh locally grown rhubarb and a touch of ginger. Incredible.
  • No. 6 Mingled with Dates - a truly unique spirit created by infusing Distiller's Gin No. 6 with exotic medjool dates from Israel. Simply put, this was a new gin, the likes of which the world had never seen before. Released Summer 2006.
  • No. 6 Mingled with Ceylon Tea - No. 6 married with a special Ceylon tea leaf from Sri Lanka. The resulting spirit was both intriguing and spectacular. Released Summer 2006.

Awhile later, we released our Distiller's Gin No. 11 - Classic Dry Gin. At first, it was only in a few select restaurants in the Chicago area, but in late 2008 we released this special gin to retail stores also. It is a great classic gin for the lover's of bold traditional dry gins. It was also the inspiration for our Summer 2008 Limited Release Alphonso Mango No. 11, where we infused the gin with Alphonso mangoes from India.

As you can tell, we love gin. Through our products, we have created a range of flavors that take gin out of its shell and exhibits it in a way that very few have ever tried to do before. Of course, we'll continue developing new gins and infusions... consider signing up for our fun email newsletter if you'd like to get updates on what we're developing.