Fun Stuff on the Web

Since we started our distiller, we've met some amazing people and found some interesting websites. We also have some other ways to keep in touch with us.

Keep Up With Us
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Cocktail Supplies, Tools and Information

  • CocktailDB - want a certain type of cocktail, or to look up an old recipe? Have an ingredient you want to use but don't know what to do with it? Check out this great website, the go-to source for many mixologists looking for inspiration.
  • Imbibe Magazine - a great resources for the worlds of coffee, beer and cocktails, among other beverages.
  • Cocktail Kingdom - source for lots of bar tools, bitters, books and more.

Other Great Stuff

  • Nielsen-Massey Vanillas - gourmet vanilla products, family owned and based nearby. We've collaborated with them on some fun stuff, their products are great.
  • Katherine Anne Confections - fantastic truffles and caramels by a Chicago chocolatier. We've done some fun events together, including some truffle and cocktail pairings.
  • Frangipani Body Products - our friend Tracy Land started this skincare company, making wonderful products without any of the chemicals so common in other skincare lines. Sonja uses Frangipani, and loves it.
  • Norske Akevitters Venner - a Norwegian site about Aquavits, where they learned about ours and posted it on their site!

Have a favorite site or company that you want to tell us about? Send Sonja an email!