Unique and Innovative Spirits

A big reason why we established the distillery was the opportunity to develop new and interesting spirits, as well as improve on existing ones. The first official member of our Artisan Collection is the North Shore Distillery Aquavit - Private Reserve. Finding a balance between tradition and innovation, this aquavit is another great example of our passion.

Our newest permanent artisan creation is Sirène Absinthe Verte.

Of course we also have our Limited Releases. At least once a year we offer single batch productions of some of our most inspired creations. These are only made and bottled once, and are never repeated. This wonderful collection of spirits includes our infused Ceylon Tea Gin, Medjool Date Gin, Rhuginger No. 6, Mole Poblano, Corpse Reviver, Eldergin, and our newest limited release, Silver Lining.

Other North Shore Creations

This collection is far from complete. As we experiment and create new products, we will introduce some of them as limited releases. A few of these creations will even be based on special regionally harvested fruits and other botanicals that will make them truly one-of-a-kind "vintage" creations.

We look forward to sharing these spirits with you.

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