? North Shore Distillery - All About Us

Art through Distillation

Like the micro breweries and small wineries that have come before, a small group of artisanal distillers are redefining the spirit world by introducing new and amazing products. As the first artisanal distillery in the Chicago area (and in Illinois), we are producing unique spirits that provide modern connoisseurs with an unparalleled taste experience.

We are a very small operation - just our two founders, Derek and Sonja Kassebaum, and a few employees, along with our still, Ethel. Our small size allows us to bring a discriminating personal touch and hands-on craftsmanship to everything we make. We challenge the status quo by providing our discerning customers world-class spirits, produced locally.

Handcrafted Spirit Production

Distilling spirits is far more than a scientific process – it is an art form. Derek, our master distiller, starts with a simple idea - a flavor or style of spirit that he wants to create. He then selects from a palette of grains, fruits and exotic botanicals to design one-of-a-kind spirits that reflect the unique flavors of the ingredients and express his personal passion and energy.

Derek produces our spirits in small, carefully hand-crafted batches. Though each product has its own distinct personality and character, all North Shore spirits are created with the same purpose in mind – to create an elegant and superior spirit that is not only pleasant and enjoyable, but also provides a level of satisfaction that compares to drinking an incredible wine or the finest scotch.